Canada Visitor Record

The Canada Visitor Record is a vital document for individuals already in Canada who wish to extend their stay for various purposes, such as tourism, family visits, or business engagements. This official record plays a crucial role in facilitating a legal and documented stay in Canada beyond the initial authorized period granted at the port of entry.

Key Features of the Visitor Record

Extended Stay Authorization:

The primary purpose of the Visitor Record is to grant individuals the ability to extend their stay in Canada. This is particularly beneficial for those who have unfinished business, wish to explore more of the country, or spend additional time with family and friends.

Documented Stay Duration:

The Visitor Record provides clarity on the approved duration of your stay in Canada. It outlines the period during which you are permitted to remain in the country, ensuring compliance with Canadian immigration regulations.

Multiple Entry Possibility:

In certain cases, the Visitor Record allows for multiple entries into Canada within the authorized period. This flexibility is advantageous for those who may need to leave and re-enter the country during their extended stay.

Who Can Apply for a Visitor Record?

  1. Visitors Already in Canada:
    • Individuals with a valid immigration status in Canada who wish to prolong their stay beyond the initially granted period.
  2. Temporary Residents:
    • Those holding a temporary resident visa, work permit, or study permit, seeking an extension to continue their stay for legitimate reasons.