Canada Visa Restoration

Life can bring unexpected challenges, and sometimes, individuals may find themselves in a situation where their Canadian visa status has lapsed. The process of restoring a Canadian visa involves addressing the circumstances that led to the lapse and seeking reinstatement. Skylark Consulting Services is here to guide you through the intricacies of visa restoration, helping you regain your legal status in Canada.

Common Reasons for Visa Lapse

  1. Overstaying:
    • Staying in Canada beyond the authorized period specified on the visa.
  2. Failure to Extend:
    • Not extending the visa before its expiration.
  3. Visa Violations:
    • Engaging in activities that violate the terms and conditions of the visa.

Key Steps in Visa Restoration

1. Assessment of Eligibility:

  • Evaluation of the individual's circumstances to determine eligibility for visa restoration.

2. Document Gathering:

  • Collection of all necessary documents to support the restoration application.

3. Submission of Application:

  • Careful preparation and timely submission of the restoration application to the appropriate immigration authorities.

4. Explanation of Circumstances:

  • Providing a clear and detailed explanation of the circumstances that led to the visa lapse.

5. Compliance with Requirements:

  • Ensuring compliance with all visa restoration requirements set by Canadian immigration authorities.